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DPM Launches National Ecolabelling Programme, ISO 50001 Certification Scheme

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The new National Ecolabelling Programme is an important step towards the implementation of a National Green Procurement Policy, which will promote the use of environmentally responsible products in the public as well as private sectors. This policy – like similar policies in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Germany, the United States and Australia – is expected to promote green industries and increase market demand for eco-friendly products.

The Government’s decision to upgrade the SIRIM Ecolabelling Scheme was based on SIRIM’s long-standing expertise in the field of ecolabelling, which was recently reaffirmed when SIRIM QAS International was accepted into the Global Eco-Labelling Network (GEN), the world’s most renowned ecolabelling body.
In addition, the ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) Standard is the basis for SIRIM’s new Energy Management System Certification Scheme, which helps organisations become more efficient in energy usage. When implemented, this standard will provide companies with a system of continuous improvement for improving their energy efficiency.

Themed “Quality and Technology Transformation for a Sustainable Future,” this year’s SIRIM-Industry dinner recognised 950 organisations that achieved certifications in various categories, such as Quality Management System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification, Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, SIRIM Ecolabelling and Product Certification.

“SIRIM offers environmental technologies in areas such as environmental management, waste disposal management and Life Cycle Analysis for measuring the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of the manufacturing process of a given product,” said SIRIM Berhad Chairman Datuk Hajah Jamaliah Kamis. “This is in line with SIRIM’s desire to lead the way for Malaysian industries in quality and green technology, in order to sustain our environment for future generations.”

According to Datuk Hajah Jamaliah Kamis, SIRIM has also developed a wide range of green technologies which are currently awaiting practical industrial implementation. These include bioplastic plants capable of producing biodegradable plastic from palm oil waste, solar-powered dryer systems for marine products, and solar-powered aquaculture management systems.

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